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Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter

Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter

The Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter is designed for the production of all kinds of sausage hash. From small to medium slaughterhouses and industrial meat processors. The Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter or bowl chopper is also suitable for a wide range of poultry, fish, pastry or vegetarian products, processed cheese and many commodities in the food processing industry.
The Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter / chopper cuts, mixes and emulsifies all types of food products. From thick or very fine textures. It is simple to use, has an automated control system and is cleaned and maintained with ease.

The industrial bowl cutters and industrial bowl choppers are the same machine but carry a couple of different names. Some people still call the bowl cutters, buffalo choppers or buffalo cutters so it just depends on where in the country you come from.

The most common names are industrial or commercial bowl cutter or bowl choppers.

The industrial bowl cutter is one of the most versatile machines at a butcher shop or food processor out of all the machines in the facility.

Bowl choppers can be used to chop vegetables to make salsa’s. From liquid type salsa to chunky pico di gallo salsa. We have used bowl choppers to chop up garbanzo beans into humus, or dates into a date paste.

Commercial bowl cutters are best known in making sausage. There are several types of sausage depending on what part of the world the recipe comes from.

You can use the Talsa Model K30 Bowl Cutter to make Italian sausage which is a more chunky type of sausage. For this type of sausage you would run the cutting blades at a slower RPM and the bowl at a faster RPM.

If you were using your Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter to make a more emulsified product like bologna, liverwurst or traditional hot dog, you would turn the bowl speed of your bowl chopper to a lower RPM and increase the speed of the cutter blades. At the very end of this type of process, the operator adds ice flakes to cool down the product and create that creamy texture of the meat.

We have made walnut butter, fresh masa, chopped garlic and flavored cream cheese just to name a few other products that can be processed by a Talsa Model K30neo Bowl Cutter or industrial bowl chopper.

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