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Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System

Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System

The Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System is the smart and efficient way to clean utensils & wares and virtually anything that fits within the wash area. These fully automated washers have built in heating elements that heat both the wash & rinse water. Workers just load items to be washed, push the start button & walk away. The Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System does all the work. Cleans & sanitizes in as little as 3 minutes. UL Certified

The Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System Advantages:

· Wash & Rinse temperatures are controlled by the machine and are adjustable
Separate Wash & Rinse Tanks assures all items are rinsed in clean water

· The Rinse Cycle heats water to 184 F virtually killing 100% of bacteria

· We “guarantee” sanitation because of the 184 F rinse water temperature

· No need for sanitizing chemicals which saves $$$

· The soap dosing system analyzes the soap to water ratio & dispenses soap as needed – not on a timer basis. This assures the proper soap to water ratio

· Three programmable wash times & rinse temperatures provide great flexibility

· Takes the human element out of cleaning your items

· Saves labor costs – (typically 40%-50%) versus manual washing

· Saves on soap costs (typically 50%) versus other washers

· Saves on water usage – our machines use much less water verses manual washing

· Lowers your waste water costs

*****OPTIONAL FEATURE: The Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Bucket Cleaning System:
The Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Bucket System will clean Combi Scale buckets & other difficult Combi Scale parts automatically in our Jeros 9130, 8150 or 8160 Utensil Washer Cleaning Systems. Hand washing these parts is very labor and time intensive. Parts also get damaged over time by repeated handling and this costs you money.
The Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer, combined with the Jeros ACE Combi Weigh Bucket Cleaning System, scale parts can be washed & sanitized in minutes without damaging parts.

RAM Manufacturing Equipment located in Corona, California, offers training, installation, service and parts for all the machines we sell. Including the Jeros Model 9130 Utensil Washer Cleaning System and many others. Call or visit us today for more information!

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