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Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine

Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine

What exactly is a Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine?
This machine will provide you with an automatic horizontal packaging system. Two film reels are involved in the process, where you will choose the material depending on the packaging materials you use. With the thermoforming machines you can pack any product, whether it is food or not. Our machines are specifically designed according to your needs, completely adapting the packaging process to your products.

What can a Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine be used for?
Thermoforming machines can be used in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, non-food and food companies; They also have a wide range of technological applications due to the multiple models available depending on the demands to be met.

Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine procedure:
The heating procedure is carried out by radiators powerful enough to soften the sheet. After heating, we shape it by thermoforming. This can be classified according to the sheet deformation method (vacuum, pressure or mechanical) or according to the mold cavity method (positive or negative). When the thermoforming is finished, the containers are filled with the product and the closure is complete. In this way, the final process, namely sealing, takes place. The containers are cut into pieces by knives to complete the thermoforming process.

Frimaq Model TFF (Shrink Film) Thermoformer Automatic Packaging Machine, main advantages:
It is an effective method for both large and small print runs.
Various materials can be used, including PAI, PET, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, and acrylic.
The molds are cheap and the manufacturing periods are fast.
It is a suitable technique for prototyping and bulk manufacturing with minimal service costs.
Color and response time have an economic advantage.
Depending on the component, it replaces the injection procedure.
It provides high-quality results that are highly customizable for any client's demands.
In conclusion, it can be stated that the thermoformer is one of the most adaptable machines on the market and that it can be used in practically any type of business to improve the efficiency of the processes.

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  • Rotatory color touchscreen board 10".
  • 39 programs for different products to be packaged.
  • Endless alarms to indicate any incedence.
  • Output connections for printers, dispensers, etc.
  • Chains with ordinary start and stop, soft and very soft for liquids.
  • Divided and asymmetric steps: x1, x2, x3, x4.
  • Anti-condensation heater in electrical control panel.
  • Meter of correct containers in sight.
  • Negative meter of bad containers in sight.
  • Cycles speed per minute in sight.
  • Screen menu for the user.
  • Screen menu for the maintenance manager.
  • Chain progress with 70 different speeds.
  • Number of steps selection by each starter pulse.
  • Button for manual input of the bottom film by pulses or in a continuous way.
  • Trims breaking indicator.
  • Vacuum test.
  • End of the cycle into the step or the container.
  • Main switch and wires identification according to ce standards.
  • Nickel -plated chains with stainless steel clamps and springs.
  • Not drag chains for top film
  • Chain operation by servo-motor of high performances.
  • Maximum diameter of the upper reel 350 mm (standard).
  • Bottom reel diameter 400 mm (standard).
  • Film unwinder adapted to mandrel 76 mm 3".
  • Motorized top and bottom film unwinder.
  • Top and bottom film unwinder with lateral adjustment.
  • Direct vacuum into the container.
  • Vacuum by milibars, time and blinking stages with progression.
  • Activate sealing by a cylinder with air pressure+vacuum.
  • Perimeter sealing not to heat the product.
  • Easy peel in the containers where we decide to put them.
  • Guide- sealing frame with easy drawer changing.
  • Containers discharge by a height adjustable ramp.
  • Separated and controlled ventilation into the vacuum and forming forms.
  • Trims evacuation by drum motor.
  • Blocked trims cleaner in the return chain.
  • Wedges for different forming heights of the containers.
  • Crossing cutting.
  • Longitudinal cutting.
  • Thermoforming process by compressed air pressure.
  • Easy change of moulds.
  • Loading area with supports for light containers
  • Robust chassis made of stainless steel with hygienic and sanitary design.
  • Side doors for an easy access to maintenance.
  • Leveling and height feet of the machine.
  • Cooling by a water circuit.
  • Water circuit with vacuum valve for mould changing.
  • Collector tank with reserve of compressed air.
  • Forms lifting by levers operated by a cylinder.
  • Design for a quick and easy maintenance.
  • Hermetic general board ip65 divided in two: electronics and pneumatic system.
  • Safety protections according to ce standards.
  • Safety protections made of stainless steel and methacrylate.
  • Maximum height of standard thermoforming 120 mm.
  • Impurities filter before electro valves.
  • Anti-hitting shock absorber for high speeds in the forms.
  • Noise silencer in the compressed air.
  • Purifier filter of compressed air in the forming process.
  • Setting in forms closing by regulators.
  • End of upper and lower film detector.
  • Cleaning program of the forms closing.

Optional Features

  • Remote control via Internet.
  • Motorized discharge belt and adjustable in height with/without flywheel.
  • Thermoforming by explosion, vacuum or pressure+vacuum.
  • Auto-lubrication by blowing system.
  • Fluids decanter before pumps.
  • Possibility of different steps on the same machine.
  • Water cooler 4,7 kw.
  • Mandrel adaptation of 150 mm 6".
  • Hinges for tilting forms.
  • Vacuum by injectors cannulas.
  • Chassis divisible by pieces.
  • Bench for outer pump


Model TFF (Shrink Film)
Width 36..6"
Length Depends on steps and loading areas.
Height 66.9" - 70.8" (adjustable with legs)
Weight 3086 lbs. (1400 kg.)
Wiring (5 pins) - (3 phases+n+e).
Vacuum Pump volume in m3/hour.
Film Width 3.9" - 26.3" (100 - 670 mm)

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