RAM Terms & Conditions of Purchase with Vendors

Terms and Conditions for Vendor Purchases by RAM Manufacturing Equipment, LLC

1. Introduction
These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of parts, equipment, and supplies ("Products") by RAM Manufacturing Equipment, LLC ("RAM", "Purchaser") from external vendors ("Vendor", "Supplier").

2. Warranty
a. Vendors must provide a one-year warranty on all non-wearable parts of all Equipment purchases, effective from the date of purchase.
b. This warranty should cover defects in materials and workmanship under normal operational conditions.
c. The warranty excludes any wearable parts of the Equipment.

3. Warranty Claims and Remedies
a. In the event of a failure of a non-wearable part within the warranty period, the Vendor is required to provide an equivalent replacement part at no additional cost to RAM or RAM’s Customer.
b. If the failure of a non-wearable part impairs RAM's Customer’s production capabilities, the Vendor is liable for expedited replacement, repair, or cost of an equivalent part purchased from an alternative source to minimize production downtime.

4. Quality and Compliance
a. All Products must meet the specified quality standards and regulatory compliance requirements.
b. RAM reserves the right to inspect and test all Products upon delivery for compliance with agreed-upon specifications.

5. Delivery and Risk
a. The Vendor is responsible for the safe and timely delivery of Products, Parts, and Equipment to RAM.
b. The risk of loss or damage to the Products passes to RAM upon receipt and acceptance of the delivery.

6. Payment Terms
a. Payment terms will be mutually agreed upon between RAM and the Vendor and specified in the purchase order.
b. RAM reserves the right to withhold payment or demand a refund in the case of non-compliance with the agreed terms, including delivery of defective or non-conforming Products.

7. Termination
a. RAM may terminate the contract with immediate effect in the case of serious or repeated breach of these terms by the Vendor.

8. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Jurisdiction].

9. Amendment
These Terms and Conditions may only be amended or modified in a writing which specifically states that it amends these Terms and Conditions and is signed by an authorized representative of RAM.

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