All About Thompson Mixer Grinders from RAM Manufacturing Equipment

All About Thompson Mixer Grinders from RAM Manufacturing Equipment



Thompson Meat Machinery is a leading manufacturer of high-quality meat processing equipment. Their mixer grinders (mincers) are known for their durability, efficiency, and ease of use. RAMeqpt is an authorized dealer of Thompson Meat Machinery, and they offer a wide selection of mixer grinders to choose from.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinder from RAMeqpt:

Durability: Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders are built to last. They are made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand even the most demanding applications. Thompson mixer grinders are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy cleaning. The heavy-duty construction also minimizes the risk of breakdowns, keeping your production line running smoothly.

Efficiency: Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders are designed to be efficient. They can quickly and easily grind meat into a variety of textures. Thompson mixer grinders feature powerful motors and optimized cutting systems that deliver consistent results in minimal time. The efficient operation reduces processing time and labor costs, while also minimizing waste and maximizing yield.

Ease of use: Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders are easy to operate and clean. They come with clear instructions and are designed to be user-friendly. Thompson mixer grinders are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Intuitive controls, easy-to-access components, and quick-release mechanisms make for a smooth and efficient operation. The grinders are also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that they remain in top condition.

Wide selection: RAMeqpt offers a wide selection of Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders to choose from. They have a model to fit every budget and need. RAMeqpt provides a comprehensive range of Thompson mixer grinders to suit various production capacities and requirements. From compact benchtop models to industrial-scale grinders, there's an option to fit every need and budget.

Customer service: RAMeqpt is committed to providing excellent customer service. They offer a variety of support services, including training, maintenance, and repairs. RAMeqpt understands the importance of ongoing support for their customers. They offer comprehensive training programs to ensure proper operation and maintenance of Thompson mixer grinders. Their dedicated customer service team is also available to provide troubleshooting assistance and prompt repairs.

Key Specifications of Thompson Mixer Grinders:

Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders


  • Capacity: Thompson mixer grinders are available in a variety of capacities to suit different production needs. The smallest models have a capacity of 120 kg, while the largest models can handle up to 5000 kg per hour.
  • Production per hour: Thompson mixer grinders can produce a variety of grind sizes, from fine grinds for sausages to coarse grinds for burgers. The production rate per hour varies depending on the model and the grind size. For example, the Model 3000 can produce up to 6,000 lbs per hour on a primary cut, while the Model 5000 can produce up to 10,000 lbs per hour on a primary cut.
  • Motor power: Thompson mixer grinders are powered by a variety of motors, depending on the model. The smallest models have a 2.2 kW motor, while the largest models have a 22 kW motor.
  • Additional features: Thompson mixer grinders come with a variety of additional features, such as variable speed control, reverse function, easy-clean design, and safety features.


If you are in the market for a new mixer grinder, I highly recommend checking out Thompson Meat Machinery mixer grinders from RAMeqpt. You will be impressed with their quality, durability, ease of use, and wide range of specifications.

Here are some additional benefits of mixer grinders:

  • They can help you to save money. By grinding your own meat, you can save money on pre-ground meat.
  • They can help you to control the quality of your meat. You can grind your meat to the exact texture that you want.
  • They can help you to be more creative in the kitchen. You can use your mixer grinder to make a variety of dishes, such as sausage, burgers, and meatballs.

If you are looking for a versatile and easy-to-use industrial mixer grinder, Thompson is a great option. With so many benefits to offer, it's no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular.

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